Privacy Policy for

Privacy Policy for

The protection of our guests to is essential to us.

All of us are entitled to our own privacy and as one of the website whom you have trusted; we are also giving you the privacy that you need as you registered in our websites. With this, we can assure you that all the information that you have given as you register on our site will never be shared with other websites. We’ll take care of all the information that you have entrusted us. As our valued customer, we guarantee you the secrecy of the information you have entrusted to us.

After you have registered on our site, all of the information will be kept safely in the log files. The log files contain some of the following information:

1. Internet Protocol Address, or the IP Protocol
2. Internet Service Provider such as the AOL or the Shaw Cable
3. The browser you used in visiting our site like the Internet Explorer or Firefox
4. Time when you have visited our site
5. The pages that you have opened or visited on our site

We use cookies in storing vital information, like your personal preferences when you visit our site. We also used the DART Cookies which are used to serve ads. The cookie is placed on the computer when you are surfing and browsing the web. You can also visit a site by using the Double Click advertising. You can opt out or enable cookies in your browser settings. However, opting out will affect your work with our site and also other websites. Your cookies can be disabled through your own browser.

DART does not use information which can disclose your real identity. Furthermore, it does not track personal information like name, email address, complete residential address, contact numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account numbers or credit card numbers.